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20.05.2020. Dr Ričard Mils (Richard Mills) se zahvaljuje na pomoći koju su mu zaposleni pružili tokom istraživanja arhivske građe u čitaonici Arhiva: ...Bez izuzetka, vaši stručnjaci su mnogo pomogli...oni savršeno znaju sadržaj fondova... PDF

17.05.2019. Boris Kukić (Candidate for doctor’s degree at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Zagreb University, announced visit to the Archives): Well done! Your web page is very well organized for users and generally for searching archival material, in Croatia, we are still at the very beginning. Thank you in advance and best regards. PDF

13.08.2013. Jelena Lilić (Postgraduate student after visit of the Archives): Dear Sirs, My name is Jelena Lilić. I am postgraduate student at Upsala University . I write my master’s thesis and I visited your Archives a month ago. I just want to thank you so much. I haven’t come across such hospitability and eagerness to help. I enjoyed my stay and work in Archives. Thank you. Best regards

01.04.2009. Mr Hrvoje Klasić, M.A. (Faculty of Philosophy of the Zagreb University): Dear Director, I would like to avail myself of this opportunity to congratulate You and Your associates for the new web page of the Archives. As a researcher from Croatia, working at the Archives of Yugoslavia has proven to be exceptionally pleasant and useful. I believe that the new things the Archives have introduced will further promote and deepen the continuation of this cooperation...

11.03.2009. Ranko Savić (after visiting the Archives): I came to the Archives with a difficult task. I needed material for which I was not even sure you had in your institution...I was welcomed by: professional and polite on duty officers at the gate, tidy grounds of the building, spotlessly clean offices, spotlessly clean and well equipped lavatories, expert and extremely polite library staff who did their best to help me, in spite of not knowing that we were colleagues. Dear Director, I believe You have many problems and I believe that You will solve them because Your staff is exceptional. I have been working for thirty years as a Manager of Security and Maintenance Services at the National Museum and I wish I had spent all those years working as part of Your team...

Šaban Zahirović (Director of the Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina): I wish to sincerely thank you for your hospitality, kindness and professional attitude towards people who come to do their research of archival holdings at the Yugoslav Archives (Serbia and Montenegro). My impressions are always good and my stay remains in my memory. This was so also during the arrival of Dušan Vržina and Andrej Rodinis...

Dr Stjepan Ćosić (Director of the Croatian State Archives): I sincerely thank you for your kindness and assistance provided to our worker Rajka Bućin, archival advisor of the Croatian State Archives, who visited the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro last week in order to research the documents of the State Commission for the Determination of Crimes of the Occupiers and their Abettors...

Išpanović Ištvan (after the realization of a request sent by e-mail): Distinguished Mr. Director! I would like to thank you and your associates for the sent documents. I was pleasantly surprised by your kindness and expeditiousness regarding my request.

On the occasion of the exhibition Alexander I – King of Yugoslavia 1918-1934 Vladimir Trajković (from Kosovo) wrote the following in the Book of Impressions: "Excellent impressions regarding all exhibits. One should come here several times and see more details at such a beautiful exhibition."
Mirko Marić of Belgrade said: "I am impressed by the wealth of the exhibition, especially the original archival holdings. Through this exhibition I learnt a lot of things I did not know before. I also have to take note of the kind and professional attitude of people who work at the exhibition."

On the occasion of the Tito – Stalin exhibition, Dragan Nikolić of Belgrade wrote in the Book of Impressions: "Yugoslavia-USSR. The participants are no longer there, states are no longer there, but the history of the friendship between two Slav peoples remains. Great!" Bratislav Novaković, lawyer, says: "In the beautiful environment of the exhibition room, the curators of the exhibition demonstrated their enviable skills, presenting the available holdings in the best possible way. It is very good that in addition to relations between Stalin and Tito, an important part of the exhibition shows the circumstances surrounding these relations. We expect further efforts from the organisers of the exhibition, by presenting insufficiently known holdings. The next exhibition might start from Tito's file in the Comintern, because one should know more about his activities in struggling to get the position of secretary..."
Tomas from Bosnia says: "This Tito – Stalin exhibition is organised excellently. There are things to be seen and some things are much clearer to me personally and now I know much more about the developments from this period. Thanks to the person who thought of this and organised this and many things came to the light of day through this exhibition. I am here for the second time because of a wealth of different interesting information..."

2013 August

O izložbi "Jovan Dučić u diplomatiji" - postavka u u Sportskom centru "Olimp"


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2011 Jun

O izložbi "Jugoslovensko-francuski odnosi 1918-1941""


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