We Research For You

The research that can be conducted for you at the Archives of Yugoslavia and Xeroxed copies of the found documents are in connection with:

  • income at the federal bodies and other data from personal files PDF.

  • forfeiture of assets PDF.

  • granting of land to volunteers PDF.

  • imprisonment at concentration camps and forced labor during World War II PDF.

  • World War II war criminals PDF.

Download the appropriate form (application), fill it in legibly, sign it and bring it to the Archives or send by regular mail together with a copy of the payment slip you received after paying the appropriate fee. Within 30 days after we receive the filled out form and after we check whether we have also received the payment slip for the document fee, you will receive a report on the success of the research and requested Xeroxed copies if the originals exist at the Archives. The Xeroxing service is charged according to the applicable Price list.

If none of the offered forms refers to the type of information you are interested in, please fill out the general form PDF.


If you wish to send form by e-mail, please download it, fill needed data and send us to the following address citaonica-zahtevi@arhivyu.rs

If you require any further information concerning filling forms contact us at citaonica-zahtevi@arhivyu.rs 


Date of last change: 23. 03. 2022

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