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Removing the book “ Odnosi Srbije I Austrougarske u XX veku” from the bookstores, Belgrade, June 17, 1936

Fond: AJ-334 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia – Main Archive/History Department

Signature: АЈ-334-ИО/ГА, 1936-ф-1-А/3

Number of pages: 3


Kosta Kumanudi, at that time representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister without Portfolio, made a decision in December 1930 to send Professor Ćorović to Paris and Vienna in order to research and collect data in their archives serving the needs of the book dealing with the relation between Serbia and Austro Hungary in XX century and question of responsibility regarding the First World War. The head of the main archive Ivan Gerasimović, in 1936 submitted a petition to the Assistant Minister Vladislav Martinc regarding inspection of the book of Dr. Vladimir Ćorović “Odnosi izmedju Srbije I Austrougarske u XX veku”. Shortly after that, President of the Minister Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs Milan Stojadinović passed the decision on February 21 , 1936 on forming a commission consisting of: Dr. Aleksandar Bodi Deputy, Ivan Gerasimović, Head of the Main Archive and Milan Kostić retired Director of Gymnasium, who would inspect the book of professor Ćorović in the respect how the book treats the matter of responsibility regarding the First World War as well as diplomatic documents of the regional Ministry that were cited in the book. Already in June, Stojadinović passed new decision on ceasing the investigation of Professor Ćorović in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Prepared by: Jelena Đurišić, Archives advisor

Date of last change: 08.08.23

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