Book promotion and exhibition about John Frotingham


Tuesday, June  25, 2019. at noon.
Arhiv Jugoslavije, Vase Pelagića 33, Beograd.

We invite you on presentation of the book John Frothingham, Forgotten Serbian Benefactor, author Tomislav R. Simonović, that would be held in the Archives of Yugoslavia on June25, 2019 at noon, organized by "Zavod za udžbenike", the Archives of Yugoslavia and the John Frothingham Foundation. organized by “Zavod za udžbenike”, the Archives of Yugoslavia and the John Frothingham Foundation. Dragoljub Kojčić, Director and Editor in Chief of the publishing house "Zavod za udžbenike", will talk about this book and the American, John Frothingham, the greatest Serbian benefactor in XX century who dedicated his life to taking care and education of Serbian war orphans, organizing medical service in the Kingdom of Serbs Croats And Slovenes. Moderator is Tatjana Karadžin.

As part of the promotion, an exhibition of photographs and documents from John Frotingham's personal archive will be opened.

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