Legacy of Rusko Matulić

Rusko Matulić

Owing to the happy coincidence, Legacy of Rusko Matulić (Split, 1933 – New Jersey, 2015) came to the Archives of Yugoslavia  thanks to his wife Zorica and daughters Jelena and Maja. Mister Matulić was born in Split in the family that was really committed to Yugoslavia. His father, Roko Matulić, was close friend of Niko Bartulović and Ivo Andrić. Rusko was brought up in Yugoslav spirit. Niko Bartulović, upon running away from the Germans in Belgrade was hidden for one year in his house in Split and there he wrote his book "Glas iz gorućeg grma".

Rusko Matulić was emigrant at the age of eleven. After the fall of the Fascist regime in Italy, his family ran away to the island of Brač. Communists killed his father there and Rusko with his mother went to the well-known refugee camp Ell Shatt in Egypt. He published memoires about his stay at the camp in 2014. "Feb 1944- Nov 1948: Ell Shatt Egypt".

When Ell Shatt was closed, Rusko through Italy, Chile and England reached USA. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Studies there and worked as an engineer in Edison Company till his retirement. He was a friend with Yugoslav people   oriented to democracy connected to the magazine "Naša reč". He was editor of Caddy Newsletter and published three volumes of bibliographies of the papers published in the West. Having hobby to write bibliographies he was buying literature dealing with Yugoslavia and he was as well donated many books. All that literature that he had been collecting all his life he donated to the Archives of Yugoslavia. Most of the books are in English language and most often published by American and English Universities.

  • World History (219)
  • Biographies and Memoires (135)
  • Balkan States from 1914 (316)
  • The First World War (71)
  • Yugoslavia 1918-1941 (96)
  • Second World War (286)
  • Yugoslavia 1945-1991 (292)
  • The Breakup of Yugoslavia (495)
  • Politics, Sociology, Religion (154)
  • Emigrants (49)
  • Bibliographies (52)
  • Art and Archeology (127)
  • Photo monographs (68)
  • Language and Literature (257)
  • Touristic Guides (52)
  • Magazines (166)
  • Separates (13)
  • Newspaper Clippings and personal documentation (16 packages)

The oldest book is from 1853 and the last one is from 2015. All this library material is listed. At the moment data have been entering into the COBISS program.




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