Museum Night in the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro

In its aim to familiarize and draw a wider audience closer  to a part of  its rich and valuable archives - a treasury of memories and testament of the past, the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro was the only archives in Belgrade to participate in this years traditional cultural event - Museum Night.

On the 17th of May from 6pm to 2am numerous visitors had an opportunity to view two different exhibitions: Kingdom of Yugoslavia's Diplomacy 1918-1941 and Yugoslav Emigrant Periodicals in North and South America 1918-1941.







A permanent exhibit - Kingdom of Yugoslavia's Diplomacy 1918–1941 along with its display of appointment documents of certain ministers (ambassadors) of Kingdom of Yugoslavia (KY), photos of foreign secretaries of KY, legation buildings, correspondence of diplomats etc., was updated with a display of two diplomatic uniforms, class I for ministers and class II for consultants. The visitors had a unique first time opportunity to see the I class uniform worn by the outstanding minister and a minister plenipotentiary-Dr Vladimir Milanović KY's minister in Bern 1939 and Sofia 1940. Dr. Vladimir Milanović wore the II class uniform during the time he acted as a consultant in KY's legations in Bucharest and London in 1932, 1935 and 1936. Minister's uniform was worn on special occasions such as handing of credentials, King’s birthday, unification day, during church ceremonies and other important occasions. Jovan M. Milanović kindly provided the Archives with these uniforms especially for the Museum Night event and later handed the uniforms over to the History Museum of Serbia as a gift.



left - II class uniform
right - I class uniform


Jovan M. Milanović,
uniform donor


Jovan M. Milanović,
uniform donor




Yugoslav Emigrant Periodicals in North and South America 1914-1945 exhibit made it possible for visitors to see numerous original editions of newspapers and journals that bear a testament to intensive publishing works of Yugoslav emigrants and their aim to, in this way too, preserve a feeling of closeness to their homeland and their national culture in an American environment that diminished the national consciousness of emigrants. Visitors had a chance to see copies of the most important newspapers of Yugoslav emigrant communities, like the journal of American Serbs, Amerikanski Srbobran which was published in 1906 for the first time and is being published in America to this date.

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