2001 – "Association of Yugoslav teachers"

Catalogue cover Venue and date of opening: Archives of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, January 22, 2001
Exhibition opened by: Aleksandar Jovanović, PhD Vice-Dean of the Teachers Faculty in Belgrade
Organisation: Archives of Yugoslavia
Author of the exhibition: Sandra Popović
Information provided in: catalogue Download PDF file in Serbian language (1.4 MB)
The exhibition "Yugoslav Teachers' Association" was opened on the occasion of the 51st Anniversary of the Archives of Yugoslavia. The documents presented to the audience and the visitors give the full richness and diversities of the activities accomplished by this professional association which primary aims were legal and material support to the teachers, educational, cultural and ethical issues to deal with. 

The author of the exhibition, Miss Sandra Popović,  selected 212 original documents and arranged them in 19 thematic units. They describe the development of the Yugoslav Teachers' Association which played very important role in the educational and social life of the prewar Yugoslavia, from the time of the Inaugural Congress held in Belgrade 1920 until the outburst of the Second World War when the Association seized to exist. Through the documents exhibited a visitor becomes aquainted with its organization and activities in the fields of culture, education, humanitarian work, publishing, international cooperation with the similar associations in the State and Abroad. Special attention attracts the attitudes that teachers had towards the social and material problems they faced in their everyday life and work; the possibilities of receiving advanced training, professional security, specific position of the women teachers and many other important issues.



Yugoslav Teachers' Association Rules,



Agenda for the General Assembly of the Yugoslav Teachers' Association 
Dubrovnik, 1924



Association for foundation of  "Nikola Tesla Institute" and the Board for celebrating Nikola Tesla's 80 birth anniversary, invite Yugoslav Teachers' Association to join in the action of promoting discoveries made by this major scientist,
March 1936



Yugoslav Teachers' Association addressed a letter to Mr. Milan Stojadinović protesting against a rather long period of retention for censor of their "People's Education",



Parents Leaflet No 5,
Belgrade, January 1936



Ministry of Education informs the Yugoslav Teachers' Association about the intention of the French Teachers' Association to get in contact with some of the Teachers' Organizations in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovens,



Invitation to a Formal Ceremony organized by the Union of Yugoslav – Checkoslovakian League,



Reserve Officers Association addressed the Yugoslav Teachers' Association an initiative for erecting a Memorial Bust of Archibald Rais on Kalemegdan,
Belgrade, 1930



International Union of the Teachers' Associations appealed a help for the Spanish teachers' children,



Annual Assembly Resolution of the Yugoslav Teachers' Association on the religious instructions in schools,



Photo representing a book with the oath given by the pupils of the schools in Dravska Regional Unit over the King Alexander's Grave 



Milutin Stanković, a president of the Yugoslav Teachers' Association, addressed a letter to the Minister of education in which he describes different forms of pressure and threat undertaken by the police in the Southern Serbia upon the young teachers during the predilection campaign,

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