2002 – "Posters, leaflets, ads and tickets from the funds and collections of the Archives of Yugoslavia 1918-1941"

Catalogue cover Venue and date of opening: Archives of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, February 27, 2002
Exhibition opened by: Dragoljub Živojinović, PhD professor
Organisation: Archives of Yugoslavia
Author of the exhibition: Komnen Pijevac, MA
Information provided in: catalogue
The exhibition of the printed materials displays the ways Yugoslav political and cultural entities communicated with the public opinion, the ways they expressed their political positions and advertized the cultural and other events in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. This special kind of documents show very vividly that political parties used every means to present their results accomplished and their ideas in a clear, visualized, suggestive and declarative "language", with scetches, graphics, statistics, even folk and traditional poems. Political posters usually conveyed messages directed to the potential voters and consumers of the cultural events, to all social classes, workers or peasants.



JRZ, To those who claim that there is no freedom of speech, 1938,
preliminary election poster (48x63)
AJ 37-8-43



Regent Alexander Karađorđević,
To my Peoples Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, 1918,
Proclamation the occasion of the Unification (30x42)
Official Gazette of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, No. 2, January 28, 1919



King Nikola's Proclamation, on the occasion of the Unification, 1918,
poster (33x51)
AJ 94-1-25



Lets launch the aviation, 1924,
poster (63x95)
AJ 66-479-755



Croatian Peasant Federal Party, Betrayal of Croatian National Feelings and Catholic Faith, 1925,
leaflet (20x28)
AJ 14-22-52



Serbian Cetniks Union for the King and Homeland, Regional branch in Mostar,
Herzegovina, for the electoral list of the People's Radical Party, led by Lazar Marković, PHD, 1927,
preliminary election poster (31x60, attachment 21x34)
AJ 14-22-51



Committee for the Vidovdan Celebration in Dalmatian Kosovo 1928,
Major National Gathering,
poster (47x62)
AJ 66-480-755



Regional committee of the independent peasants of the Tuzla County,
Should sheep and wolfs be put in the same pen?, 1935,
preliminary election poster (47x64)
AJ 14-22-52



Montenegrin Peasants Federal Movement of  Sekula Drljević,
Let's live the Montenegrin Front!, - on the occasion of the election, 1936,
leaflet (15x24)
AJ 37-9-57



Holy Archbishop Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church,
Information on the Funeral Service to be served for Patriarch Varnava, 1937,
poster (24x50)
AJ 305-23-48



Committee for constructing the Memorial House to Stepa Stepanović,
To Serb, Croat and Slovene Brothers, 1929,
poster (47x63)
AJ 66-380-616



Vladko Maček, PHD,
Massage to Serbs - on the occasion of the incoming parliamentary election, 1938,
leaflet (15x24)
AJ 102-7-17



Do not forget that the Government of Milan Stojadinović reduced the Peasants' Debts for 2 billions and 700 millions of dinars, 1938,
preliminary election poster (47x62.5)
AJ 37-8-43



Dragiša Cvetković, president of the Royal Government,
Dear Brothers Serbs - directed to Serbs in Croatia after the Creation of the Ban's Dominion, 1940,
AJ 83-1-8

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