2019 - BELGRADE-HELSINKI, 90 Years of Diplomatic Relations

Venue and date of opening: Arhiv Jugoslavije, Beograd, October 1, 2019
Exhibition opened by: Ivica Dačić,  First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia
Organisation: Arhiv Jugoslavije 
Author of the exhibition: Jelena Đurišić 
Information provided in: catalogue Download PDF file in Serbian language (2.3 MB), poster

Round anniversary of diplomatic relations with Finland was marked with the exhibition of documents Belgrade – Helsinki 90 Years of Diplomatic Relations opened on October 1, 20019 in the Archives of Yugoslavia. Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Dr. Milan Terzić addressed the audience as a host saying that the archives of Yugoslavia together with the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Belgrade prepared this exhibition using documentation of both the archives of Yugoslavia and the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia as well as the archives of Urho Kekkonen from Helsinki. Mentioning that at the beginning of the research work on this topic, researchers didn’t have complete insight in the amount of accessible documents, but during the research work, number of pages that appeared indicated that the beginning of relations was far in the past, and that abundant depicted documentation indicates that it could be a platform for new and more fruitful relations between two countries.

At the beginning of his speech, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Finland Pekka Haavisto pointed out that the relations between the two countries have always been characterized by mutual respect, expressing his content that the present relations between Serbia and Finland are excellent. He mentioned that at present moment the most significant project our countries are working on is the EU enlargement process which is an important instrument for promoting stability, peace and prosperity in Europe. Minister Haavisto also stressed that Finland supports Serbia’s accession to the EU and emphasized that this process depends mostly on Serbia.

Ivica Dačić Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia expressed his satisfaction about opening  of the exhibition marking  90 years of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Finland together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Haavisto  , mentioning that this relations  established in 1929 went through hard times and numerous challenges but that they are characterized by permanent readiness for mutual work on the things that connect two countries and that this exhibition with exhibited documents and photographs in the most picturesque way gives evidence to that. He thanked Archives from both countries for their effort to find, preserve and present exhibited objects that suggest that there are plenty of reasons to be proud, but present as well great responsibility to continue to develop and advance our entire relations.
Mr. Dačić highlighted the desire of the Republic of Serbia is to proceed with development of cooperation in all fields of mutual interest, from economy to tourism that would contribute to know one another better as well as to get to know more about one another and learn from one another.  The Minister thanked for the support and help that Finland provides for Serbia in the process of European Integration and mentioned that Serbia is thankful for the opportunity to have close cooperation with Finland during its Presidency of the Council of EU in the last six months of this year. Concluding that it is our great responsibility to protect and further develop friendly relations with Finland, convinced that bilateral relations will continue to develop in the future in mutual interest, the Minister  wished that new pages of the mutual future history are marked by big successes, results and frank friendship.

By opening the exhibition, the Minister invited visitors to look at the exhibition and in that way get some impression about the history of relations of the two countries through official documents marking the most important events. A special focus of the exhibition is on the friendship of two presidents, Josip Broz Tito and Urho Kekkonen. President Kekkonen has visited Yugoslavia three times while Tito was two times in Finland – once in official visit and the other time at the Conference of OESC.

This exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue in Serbian and English whose author is Jelena Đurišić.
This exhibition will be opened to visitors every working day from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. until the end of October.











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