2012 - "50 Years of friendship and Cooperation between Yugoslavia, Serbia and Algeria"
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Venue and date of opening: Belgrade City Library, December 6, 2012 
Exhibition opened by: Bratislav Petković, Minister of Culture and Information in the Government of the Republic of Serbia
Organisation: Archives of Yugoslavia, Embassy of Algeria in Serbia, Belgrade City Library
Author of the exhibition: Nada Pantelić and Dušan Jončić 
Information provided in: prospectus Download PDF file in Serbian language (615 KB), poster



The exhibition outside the Archives:

  • 2013 - Zaječar

The Archives of Yugoslavia exhibition "50 Years of Friendship and Cooperation between Yugoslavia, Serbia and Algeria" opened in the Belgrade City Library on 6 December 2012. In the presence of many guests from corps diplomatique, representatives of the Republic of Serbia Government, public and cultural figures, the exhibition was opened by Minister of Culture and Media Bratislav Petković. Ambassador of Algeria to Serbia Abdelkader Mesdоua talked about diplomatic relations, and Acting Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Miladin Milošević spoke about the exhibition and cooperation between Algerian Embassy, Algerian National Archives and Archives of Yugoslavia.
He reminded  that diplomatic relations between Yugoslavia and Algeria were established after Algeria became independent, and that from October 1962 till 1980s five Yugoslav ambassadors were accredited to Algeria, and from June 1963 till 1980s as well, four Algerian ambassadors were accredited to Yugoslavia. Over the period of fifty years a number of bilateral agreements were made, and the latest official document between Algeria and Serbia was signed on 13 February 2012 in Algeria.
The Belgrade City Library Director Jasmina Ninkov also greeted the guests at the opening. 
Opening the exhibition, the Minister said that its importance lies with the fact that it clearly shows close cooperation between the two countries. He said: "Program of cooperation in cultural matters between the Republic of Serbia Government and the Government of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria was renewed in December 2010, based on the Agreement on Cultural Cooperation from 1964, with the aim to foster cultural and artistic exchange between the two countries in museology and archaeology, and cooperation in the areas of film, music and theatre" and he announced that in the spirit of that cooperation, days of Algerian film are to be held in Yugoslav Film Archive.

The exhibition outside the Archives
ZAJEČAR, Јune 18, 2013

The exhibition 50 Years of Friendship and Cooperation between Yugoslavia, Serbia and Algeria opened in the Historical Archives of Zaječar on 18 June 2013. Key speeches at the opening were given by His Excellency Ambassador of Algeria in Belgrade Mr Abdelkader Mesdoua, Acting Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Miladin Milošević, and Director of the Historical Archives of Zaječar.

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