1998 – "Central Press Bureau of the Presidency of the Ministerial Council of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia"

Prospect cover Venue and date of opening: Archives of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, January 21, 1998
Exhibition opened by: Radoslav Bulajić, PhD - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of FRY
Organisation: Archives of Yugoslavia
Author of the exhibition: Komnen Pijevac, MA
Information provided in: prospectus

The Central Press Bureau of the Presidency of the Ministerial Council of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was founded in 1929 as the "general state information service." Until that date, most of the information activities were in the competence of the Foreign Ministry.

The Central Press Bureau had the task to follow the press and radio in the country and abroad, collect all important political, economic, financial, cultural and frequently security data and information for the needs of the Ministerial Council. It took care of the realization of information functions at public media from the aspect of "state interest" and spread its influence in an organized way in the information space of foreign states in order to realize the propaganda goals of the Yugoslav state.

It had its permanent correspondent offices in the country, important European and world centers, news agencies with which it had cooperation or had business relations; publishing activities, newspapers under its influence, radio service…; it prepared propaganda exhibitions and had similar activities in the country and abroad.
Persons who conducted the complex and responsible tasks of the Central Press Bureau included prominent persons in the Yugoslav information and cultural life such as Miloš Crnjanski, Stanislav Vinaver, Predrag Milojević, Jovan Kršić, Hamza Humo...

The Central Press Bureau of the Ministerial Council of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia archival fund is the most comprehensive journalist and information chronicle of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Archival holdings are held in 1,512 folders – about 1.4 million sheets. The documents record all major events and developments in the social life, all major information and contributions published in the domestic and foreign media; many things that are not contained in the documents of other state bodies which are far more important by their rank.

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