2008 - "Yugoslavia in International relations 1918-1992"
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Venue and date of opening: Archives of Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade, October 29, 2008.
Exhibition opened by: Nebojša Bradić, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Serbia
Organisation: Archives of Serbia and Montenegro
Author of the exhibition: Dušan Jončić and Gojko Malović ,PhD
Information provided in: catalogue Download pdf file in Serbian language (2.52 MB), poster
Accompanying events: a compilation of documentaries entitled "Yugoslavia in International relations" from the Yugoslav Film Archives was presented


The exhibition outside the Archives:

  • 2009. - Niš 
  • 2010. - Kosovska Mitrovica, Čačak

Invitation for exhibition openingOn October 29, 2008, an exhibition of archival documents "Yugoslavia in International Relations 1918-1992" was opened at the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro in the presence of numerous ranking officials, Ambassadors of the Russian Federation, Japan, Ukraine, Iran and Croatia and representatives of scientific, cultural and other institutions. The guests were addressed by Miladin Milošević, Acting Director, and Nebojša Bradić, Serbian Minister of Culture, who also opened the exhibition.

In his address, Mr. Milošević said "... Cultural wealth in the form of archival documents in the competence of our Archives offers the possibility to gain nearly endless knowledge about numerous issues from the history of the Yugoslav state. And not just of the Yugoslav state. The wealth of topics and constant wish and need to gain new knowledge about our past are just some of the reasons why the Archives should appear before the professional and general public with a new exhibition of archival documents. On this occasion, we have chosen a foreign policy topic entitled "Yugoslavia in International Relations 1918-1992". The time frame refers to the years of the creation of the Yugoslav state and year when this state withdrew to history.

This is a topic whose importance and complexity will invoke more and more interest of historians and scientific workers, I am certain. All the more so in view of the fact that our historiography does not contain an integrally processed and written history of Yugoslavia's foreign policy – be that the Kingdom or Republic. We don't have such history even for the Kingdom of Serbia.
The applied topics and initiated research on the topic of Yugoslavia's foreign policy at our archives are encouraging. It is to be expected that future generations of historians and other researchers soon give our public one such history. When I say historians –researchers, I don't think that this is their exclusive right, but this is because they are those who should be the first to tell the truth about the past through their scientific research and observing the scientific method and critical opinion.
On its side, the Archives contributes to the spreading of knowledge about the past through exhibitions such as this one.
The authors of the exhibition, historians – archivists Dušan Jončić and Dr Gojko Malović tried to use 22 thematic groups with 302 documents, or as many as such an exhibition allows, to present Yugoslavia in international relations and therefore its diplomacy as well. Diplomacy, which was headed by 23 foreign ministers in the 73 years of Yugoslav history. There were 12 minister in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and 11 ministers in the Republic and we should note that the last foreign minister in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was also the first foreign minister in the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia.
The Kingdom of Yugoslavia had diplomatic relations with nearly 40 states – nearly all European and 8 non-European states. In the 1980s, when it had a leading position in the Non-Aligned Movement, the SFRY had diplomatic relations with more than 130 states. The Kingdom of SHS was first recognized by Norway and then by the United States, Greece, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia. The last state to recognize it was the USSSR.
The first countries that recognized the new post World War II authorities in Yugoslavia were the USSR, Great Britain, United States and France.
These are just some of the features that refer to the topic of the exhibition which we recommend."

Serbian Culture Minister Nebojša Bradić, in his address, spoke about the importance of the Archives, stressing the necessity to solve its status and name, issues which the Ministry of Culture would soon initiate in order to ensure its resolution.























The exhibition outside the Archives
ČAČAK, December 17, 2010
Organised by the Intermunicipal Historical Archives of Čačak and the Archives of Yugoslavia on the occasion of the Town Day, the exhibition of archival documents “Yugoslavia in International Relations 1918-1992” was opened on 17 December 2010. The exhibition was opened by Prof. Predrag Simić PhD, who teaches international relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. The film of the Yugoslav Film Archives on foreign policy of Yugoslavia was shown.

Fotografija - Otvaranje izložbe u Čačku


Fotografija - Otvaranje izložbe u Čačku



The University of Priština Faculty of Philosophy with the seat in Kosovska Mitrovica, in cooperation with the Archives of Yugoslavia, organised the exhibition of documents “Yugoslavia in International Relations 1918-1992”. The exhibition was on display at the Faculty of Philosophy in Kosovska Mitrovica from 24 May to 4 June 2010. It was opened by the Faculty of Philosophy Dean,  Prof. Dragi Maliković PhD, who said, among other things: “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Archives of Yugoslavia for entrusting our Faculty with a group of valuable documents. We will make every effort to guard them, because we plan for them, regardless of the end of the academic year, to remain on the premises of the Faculty for two weeks”.  The exhibition was put together by assistant lecturers Dalibor Elezović MSc and Saša Stanojević with the students from the History Department. The exhibition attracted the attention of both experts and the general public.

NIŠ, June 18, 2009

The exhibition of archival documents Yugoslavia in international relations 1918-1992 was opened at the Historical Archive of Niš on June 18, 2009. Ivanka Stančevski, director of the Historical Archive of Niš, spoke about the exhibition. The exhibition was opened by Miladin Milošević, acting director of the Archives of Yugoslavia. In the presence of numerous guests and media from the city of Niš, Miladin Milošević and Dušan Jončić, one of the authors of the exhibition, gave statements to the media.

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