The Free City of Belgrade

Venue and date of opening: Museum of Yugoslav History, Beograd, October 13, 2014. 
Exhibition opened by: Miladin Milošević, Acting Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia
Organisation: Museum of Yugoslav History and Archives of Yugoslavia
Authors of the exhibition: Veselinka Kastratović, Dragoljub Kuprešanin, Dušan Jončić and Marko Radovanović
Author of the exhibition design: Dušica Knežević
Information provided in: prospectus and poster

The exhibition The Free City of Belgrade, mutual project of the Museum of Yugoslav History and the Archives of Yugoslavia was opened in the Museum of Yugoslav History on October 13, 2014.
Present were greeted by Neda Knežević MA, Director of the Museum of Yugoslav History and Miladin Milošević, Acting Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia opened the exhibition.
Motive for this exhibition was commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade in the Second World War…"the city that always had revolutionary aspirations and pursuit of liberation. Resistance of the inhabitants of Belgrade from April 1941 to October 1944 never ceased. Several thousand Belgradians joined National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia and the Red Army in the final battles for liberation of the city…"
The exhibition presents objects and documents that were delivered to Josip Broz Tito by the most prominent statesmen of that time on the occasion of the liberation of Belgrade.
The Free City of Belgrade is visual reminiscence about significance of the operation for liberation of Belgrade after 1287 days of occupation not only for Belgrade and Yugoslavia but also for wider antifascist struggle.







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