Presentation of the book "Dečaci sa Morave" (Boys from Morava)

Presentation of the book "Dečaci sa Morave" (Boys from Morava), author Zoran Branković, published by the Archives of Čačak was presented in the Archives of Yugoslavia on Thursday, May 30, 2019.
The Director of the Archives of Čačak Lela Pavlović and the author of the book talked about the book that is based on authentic witnessing of the former members of the group "Dečaci sa Morave" and was illustrated with plenty of photograph material.
This rock and roll group was active in Čačak in the period 1965-1972. "… when every street in Čačak had its band and every band its bench in the park where they played long in the night....." (from the review written by Petar Popović). In that band played musicians that marked musical scene of the former Yugoslavia and Serbia: Bora Djordjević (Riblja čorba), Radomir Mihailović (Smak), Zorn Radosavljević (Galija), Bata Sokić (Suncokret), Zoran Branković (Vatra) and Ljubinko Milošević (Krvna grupa).
Complement part of the book telling the story of the history of one rock and roll group, is CD with the songs from that time.

This book will be presented within this year also in Čačak.







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