Catalogue of printed material in the funds and collections of The Archives of Yugoslavia

Data/Images/aj_kor_bib_stamp_gr_s.jpgThe catalogue is a bibliographic list of information about the printed material, which is quoted alphabetically within the formal groups:

  1. Books, brochures and musical supplies;
  2. Serial publications;
  3. Article;
  4. Geographical maps;
  5. Projects;
  6. Holdings other than books (posters, fliers, postcards, invitations, maps).

The catalogue has a register of authors and a register of subjects.

The printed material in the catalogue refers to the period between the late 19th century and the 1950s and its contents refer to the political, legal, economic, social and cultural circumstances in Yugoslavia, its international relations and activities at the League of Nations.

The material is different not just according to its form and contents, but also according to the languages in which it is written. Some exceptions have been made in the case of projects, some geographic maps and calligraphic invitations and these holdings, although unpublished, have been included in this catalogue because they are extremely interesting for the users.

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